Occupation Video Game Programmer
Season(s) 1,2
Portrayed by Russell Tovey

The 30-year-old British video game whiz -- who works at Most Dangerous Games on a hot new release -- is somewhat of a mystery and crosses paths with Patrick.

Season 1Edit

Patrick first meets Kevin at a party. He flirts with the latter before realising that Kevin is both in a relationship and potentially his new boss. The two reconcile after the awkward moment and Kevin confesses that Patrick was always going to be on his team for the new game.

Season 2 Edit

Kevin and Patrick started dating, Kevin wanted to keep this from his boyfriend John. Then, Patrick started getting worried and panicked about there relationship. Afterwards Kevin showed Patrick his routine dance and that made Patrick feel much better. Kevin left John his boyfriend and he came back to Patrick and said " Do you want to give this a shot , just the two of us?" And Patrick said yes. They started sharing each other's clothes and told there coworkers and friends. In the end of Season 2 Patrick decided to go back home.